Humans Of Mojo

Humans of Mojo is Brighton’s answer to the hugely successful Humans of New York! Every week, someone is featured to tell us a little bit about themselves, why they come to Mojo, or simply to tell us an interesting story. Keep coming in to Mojo – and you could be featured!

“I’ve been working for Mojo since September, but I’m originally from Italy. I love working at Mojo because I love drinking coffee! My favourite meal to eat here is the scrambled egg with mushrooms. In my free time, I love drawing and creating art.” – Martina

“I’m originally from Norwich, and I’ve been working at Mojo for about 3 months now. My favourite part about my job is the community vibe. I’m also a big fan of the House Smoothies, and love eating the chicken and chorizo paninis. In my free time I make music, and I’m currently working on writing an album.” – Steve

“I’ve been working here for 2 years now. I’m originally from Salisbury, but now I’m studying Nursing at Brighton University. My favourite thing about working at Mojo is probably the atmosphere, it’s really friendly and family orientated. My favourite food? Probably the chicken and chorizo panini, and to drink it’s peppermint tea. In my free time I love baking, and drinking tea of course!” – Lucy

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