About Us

Where We Came From

Karl was a catering professional, an award winning restauranteur with three well known locations in the city of Brighton.  He had an avid keen interest at looking at emerging themes in the industry.  Back in the ’90’s he spent time in the US analysing the US coffee scene and at the time could not really understand how this could translate into the UK market.  The coffee world on our shores was just not ready for what was happening in the americas.  But this as we know has all changed!

Coffee now is one of the UK’s most favourite drinks, with many of us not really being able to get started until we have had our first morning cup!

But before we opened in Brighton, we wanted to see what really was needed.  So many coffee shops and so many different designs.  However, what became apparent was the need to provide not just a café with amazing artisan coffee but also combine it with a really good wholesome, homemade and affordable food offering.  And then make it a true meeting place.  Somewhere to hook up with friends, work, hold meetings, bring the family at weekends.  This is when Mojo’s was born.

Where We're Going

Karl’s flair for hospitality and comprehension of the necessary systems and processes have been honed together to orchestra a finely tuned hospitality service

Annette’s knowledgeable palate derived from her travels and time spent with her extended family in France have supported ideas for recipes and menu planning.

We endevour to continue to find the right items to offer our customers but at the same time are always looking to work with local suppliers to support our surrounding community.  Our customers nowdays want to know the provenance of a product and are keen to understand the story behind it. We love the knowledge we that have and are adding something to our local community and we are looking to create this wherever we feel a neighbourhood could benefit from a Mojo pick up.  So continue to watch this space!