Our Supremo Espresso blend has been carefully put together to deliver a signature chocolate and nutty espresso that’s full of body and low in acidity.  It is a clever mix of the following three beans:

Brazilian Diamond 17/18

Grown on the hills of Brazil’s Minas Gerais state, this ‘Diamond’ coffee is grown by the Cooxupe Cooperative, based near the Guaxupe Municipality. Known for their careful expertise and ability to ensure a smooth flavour profile, this arabica, with its light nut and chocolate flavour profile, is a perfect blending partner.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – Cooxupe
  • Growing Altitude – 1,000m+
  • Processing Method – Natural Pulped

Honduran La Central SHG

This high grown arabica from the La Central cooperative of Honduras brings a distinct brightness to the blend. It’s main qualities is its citric flavour profile, which is underpinned by a quick flash of nut.



  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – La Central
  • Growing Altitude – 1,400m+
  • Processing Method – Washed

Vietnamese WP GR1 Robusta

Sourced straight from the heart of Vietnam’s main coffee growing region, this high quality robusta from The Queen estate brings a smooth, milk-chocolate-heavy body to the blend.



  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – The Queen
  • Growing Altitude – 1,000m+
  • Processing Method – Wet Polished

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